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Wedding Invitation Email Scam (White Wedding Agency)

white wedding agency, email scam, phishing

I was invited to a wedding!


It’s a wedding invitation scam email. Can you see why?

wedding invite scamSo many red flags. Where do I begin?

Vague Bride and Groom

Who the heck is getting married here? A wedding agent dubiously named Nicolas Daniels who I do not know and his imaginary betrothed?

Bad Grammar

A wedding invitation is usually proofread before being sent out to 1 million of your closest friends and family. This obviously came from a non-English Speaking Country because of you proceed a date with “on”, not “in”, and the proper verb conjugation for a singular noun is “is”, not “are”, as in “If the link IS not working…”.

This is why English class was so important all those years ago, so stay in school, kids!

Something Phishy About the Link

Never, (NEVER!) click on a link in an email from a stranger. They have purposely left out all the pertinent information (like WHERE the wedding is) so that you’ll be curious enough to want to click that link. Don’t do it!

…and the last but not least reason you should not click on this link (drum roll please….)

The Better Business Bureau Says So!

That’s right, even the BBB has posted about this thing on their blog. They say it’s a phishing scam designed to steal your private information. You can read their post, “Beware of White Wedding Phishing Scam”.

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  • Nichole December 18, 2013, 3:18 am

    Thank goodness i was suspicious of this dodgy looking mail. you just saved me a lot of drama. Was wondering which idiot drafted this ridiculously laid out invite. clearly these phishers are in a tight corner if they are using weddings to phish. agh!

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