Or, how to find your Twitter Status

This page explains how to get the URL for an individual tweet. You might need it to direct someone to just that one tweet instead of making them wade through your Twitter stream. Some contests require it, so we’re here to tell you how to do it, because if you’re a blabber mouth who tweets a hundred tweets a day, then the contest runner might have trouble locating that specific contest tweet and then you might get inadvertently disqualified and that would be sad.

This is actually very easy and you could have found out already how to find a specific tweet if I’d just shut up and tell you already. So here we go:

1. Go to the Twitter Home page at http://www.twitter.com. If you’re already logged in, you will be redirected to your Twitter Feed page. Otherwise, login with your twitter ID and password, which will guess what? That’s right, take you to your Twitter Feed page.

2. Click on your name in the upper left-hand corner (right above where it says “View my profile page”) of the Twitter Feed Page.

twitter feed page
Click on your name to go to your profile page


This will take you to your profile page which lists of all YOUR tweets. The URL of this page would be something like http://twitter.com/nannygoats, except with your Twitter ID at the end instead of mine.

3. Find the specific tweet for which you wish to grab the URL and hover over it to bring up the options, one of which includes “Open”. Click on “Open”

twitter tweet stream
Click on "Open" in your Twitter stream to show the details

Clicking Open will bring up the details, like this:

Twitter details of specific tweet
Get ready to click on that "Details" link.

Click on the details link and it brings up the individual tweet. Like this:

Twitter Individual Tweet, tweet status
This is also known as your Twitter status


Now go look up at the top of your browser. The URL displayed at the top of your browser will look something like this:

twitter, individual url for tweet
Copy and paste this into whatever is asking you for it.


That, my friends, is the URL for your specific tweet.


If You Use Hootsuite

You can click on the datetime link in a Hootsuite tweet too which will take you to the page and URL for the specific tweet.

hootsuite specific tweet example



And if you need help on sprucing up your Twitter Bio, might I recommend:

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How to Find the URL for an Individual Tweet

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