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How to Add That ‘Read More’ Thing to Your Blog (WordPress, Blogger, HTML)

more tag, jump break, blog post,

more tag, jump break, blog post,

Blogger calls it a “jump break”. WordPress calls it the “more tag”. Potayto, potahto.

Maybe you don’t want your whole article taking up all that precious real estate on your front page. Maybe you think you get an extra page view if you make your readers click to another page. I don’t know that that’s true, but whatever the reason, here’s how to add that “read more” thing to your blog posts:

Creating a More Tag in WordPress

On your WordPress dashboard, put your cursor where you want the “read more” text to go and click on the Insert More Tag button (or click Alt + Shift + T).

wordpress, more tag

If you hover over the button, it will indicate that it’s the Insert More Tag button.

Easy, right?

You can also add the following HTML code if you are in HTML mode



Creating a Jump Break in Blogger

On your Blogger dashboard, put your cursor where you want the “Read more” text to go and click on the Insert More Tag button (or click Alt + Shift + T).


You can also add the following HTML code if you are in HTML mode


Jump Break not working on Blogger?

If simply using the “jump break” button on Blogger does not work, it may be that you are using an older template or that you’ve mucked around too much in your template HTML and need to reset your template, as described on The Real Blogger Status, or you can scream for help in the “Something is Broken” Google forum.

I tried it on an old Blogger blog of mine and it didn’t work (the blog is over 5 years old and so is the template that I probably futzed around with). So I created a brand new test Blogger blog (called Paradigms and Nickels), using the “Simple” template and it worked fabulously.


Creating a More Tag via HTML

You can create a more tag on any blogging platform by going into the HTML of the post and inserting the following HTML code wherever you want your post to break and jump to another page:



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      I have 3 answers to your questions, 2 of which are unsolicited:

      1. While it’s best if you place your own tag manually each time, there are some people who claim you can automatically add read more tags for Blogger and WordPress.
      Blogger: http://bloggerstop.net/2008/10/blogger-help-add-read-more-link-to-your.html
      WordPress: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1269125

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    hi. i have put the html code in the post html area. my problem is when i put read more tag within my html division code it doesnt work and on the blog page it only shows the post title

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    Nice info dude..thanks for sharing …
    You can also add this without any modification in template.
    The info is given here : http://goo.gl/rSWFnK

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