This article explains how to create online polls in a Facebook Group (as opposed to a personal or fan page).

Facebook Group online polls are the simplest to create because the option to do so is already built into the page. On the other hand, online polls on Facebook personal pages or Facebook fan/business pages take more steps and often involve installing 3rd party apps, and in most cases cost money.

Adding a poll to a Facebook group page however, is free. Nada. Nothing. Zero.

And it’s easy. Here, I’ll show you:

1. Find your Facebook group page


If you’re not already on a specific group page, you can get to it by clicking on Home in the upper right hand corner of the Facebook menu bar…


facebook polls


…and then look on the left-hand side under Groups to find the appropriate group. It already be listed under “shortcuts”, but if not, go down to Groups and click on that.

There will be 2 tabs near the top and for whatever ridiculous reason, Facebook defaults the view to the Discover tab, which is why you’ll need to click on the Groups tab.

Facebook groups vs discover tabs, polls

Click on the group to get inside.


2. Create Your Poll

On your Facebook group page, where you usually enter a new post, click on the “Create Poll” option:

facebook create polls

The entry box will change ever so slightly in that it will now ask you to “ask something” instead of “write something” and there will be a new link below it saying “Add Poll Options”.


facebook click create poll


Enter your question and click on the “Add Poll Options” link. This will expand into a bunch of options for you to enter.


Click where it says “Add an option” and type the first answer. For some reason it tries to interfere with help you by autocorrecting or bringing up other pages and people from Facebook as if your answers come from the Facebook library. Try to ignore them.


Hit the TAB button to go to the next line and enter more options. Hitting the RETURN key will get you nowhere fast.


One last thing. Hover over the “poll options” link and confirm your options by checking/unchecking them.

facebook poll options

So in the example above, if you believe it’s possible that someone not listed could have killed JR, then you check the 1st option. And if you also believe that more than one person could have killed JR, then you check the 2nd option.

When you’re done, click the “POST” button

Congratulations. You have created an online poll.


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