Adventures in Blogville: A Creative Writing Guide for Teens

adventures in blogvilleToday’s teenagers have incredible, crazy, and brilliant things to say, and creative writing or blogging is an effective outlet for self-expression. Writers are inspired, validated and empowered by blogging because they’ll feel their voices are being heard.

This humorous and quirkily illustrated 24-chapter book teaches students how to write a compelling essay or blog post, one that other people will want to read. It is not a grammar book, but rather, an instructional guide to more colorful and visceral writing. Each chapter introduces a concept, engages the student with entertaining examples, and provides a writing prompt and assignment.

Concepts covered include: How Blogging Can Make You a Better Writer, How to Create a Blog, Grabbing Your Reader from the Beginning, Ublogville robot pbj quinnzel 400w creditsing Detail to Appeal to the Senses, Active vs. Passive Voice, Metaphors and Similes, Using Dialog, Addressing Writer’s Block and more! It’s a great resource for homeschool educators.

Adventures in Blogville covers some of the same concepts as Andrews’ previous book, Sticky Readers: How to Attract a Loyal Blog Audience by Writing More Better, but is aimed at a younger audience in its examples and family-friendly language.

While the book has the word “Teens” in the title, anyone over the age of about 12 or so, including adults, could use this book as a resource for writing more engaging essays, blog posts, and stories.


I wish there had been a book like this available for me when I was in high school. I also love the illustrations and the author’s sense of humor.
Amber Felix, homeschool mom and blogger.

Adventures in Blogville is easy to read and engaging. It’s the perfect light-hearted tone that teens and young writers need when reading about writing—often a topic they find dull and boring, which Margaret avoids completely with her off-the-wall references and wacky illustrations. Definitely a book I would use for this age group.
Janna Marlies Maron, Adjunct Professor of English, Sacramento City College. Publisher of Under the Gum Tree magazine. Independent author and editor.

As a former English professor who taught college freshmen, I can’t express how much I wish my students had read Margaret’s book as high school students. Margaret nails some of the most important challenges young writers face and shows them how to express themselves in a concise, well-thought-out manner, while effectively engaging her audience. This book belongs in every high school student’s backpack!
Nichole Beaudry, Managing Editor of Savvy Sassy Moms. Freelance Writer for SheKnows, AllParenting, and Mamalode.

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