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Kids Have a Voice Too!

How many times have you heard a teenager say, “nobody ever listens to me!”. Well now, here’s their chance to say something, say it loud, say it proud and learn something in the process!

Blogging has done wonder for me as an adult (and YOU too) to be able to express yourself, teach others, validate others and be inspired by others. And you’ve become a better writer in the process.

A Creative Writing Guide for Teenagers

adventures in blogville, margaret andrewsLet’s do the same thing for young writers. I’ve recently published a book that teaches anyone (although it’s aimed at the teenage audience) learn how to better express themselves through creative writing in the form of blogging. It’s like the Harry Potter of How to Write Creatively Awesome via Blogging. Or something like that.

It’s a great resource for all the homeschool parents out there or other teachers looking for something to compliment their writing courses.

It’s not an English text book with grammar lessons, instead it explains (with fun examples and illustrations) how to write viscerally so that the audience is more engaged with the story. And it has weird illustrations by Quinnzel, like what the heck is this thing??

blogville robot pbj quinnzel 400w credit

If you or someone you know is a homeschool parent or teacher, tell them about the new book called Adventures in Blogville: A Creative Writing Guide for Teens.

Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.